Design Your Life.

My Gym.

Sari Lisch

I purchased a membership to a gym👍🏻
I would go, but did not know how to maximize my results
Then I quit👎🏻
I purchased a membership to a different one👍🏻
Bought some personal fitness training sessions
Took some classes
Then I quit👎🏻
My job had a gym, so I purchased a membership in order to go more regularly👍🏻
Then my workplace moved buildings
It quit me
I purchased ClassPass👍🏻
It was fun, but the times and schedule didn't work for this single full-time mama
So I quit👎🏻
I would spend more time contemplating if I would work out, then actually getting my butt to the gym🏃🏼
Then I would walk to the gym, which took up more time than actually getting in a workout!
I knew nothing would change if I didn’t change my patterns
I tried the 21DayFix👍🏻
I loved the workouts. 
At first, I followed the modifier in the workouts
I got stronger wth every workout
I GRADUALLY made it a priority to get them in everyday
I started the Hard Corps workout, which I was super intimidated by at first
I upgraded my weights THIS WEEK
I press play everyday▶️

Nothing happens overnight🕜
Change your patterns, change your results. 
30 minutes is 2% of your day. Can you make YOU a priority for 2% of your day?
I’m looking for 3 women who are ready to make a changes inside and out. The best part about this opportunity is the accountability and community.
My team launches a Fit & Fierce Summer BOOTCAMP July 18th, and I want you in it with me! Let's hold each other accountable.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻