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My 21DayFix Results

Sari Lisch

A few people have been asking me what I have been up to and are curious about the workouts that I rave about…

Soooo in late December 2015 my son turned 2 and I was STILL walking around with postpartum weight. Doctors told me some people just NEVER lose it. My friends said they have RESIGNED to wearing Spanx forever. I’m sorry there HAD to be another way. Things happen at the right time and I was approached about doing the 21DayFix. I was 100% skeptical at first (I mean who has time to work out and meal prep???), but I had tried everything, so what was ONE MORE THING? I was blown away and lost 10 lbs in 21 DAYS, by just 30 minute workouts & eating portions of my favorite foods. I finally felt I had the tools to make a change in my health and wellness. Nothing has been this sustainable for me until I found the 21DayFix. Seriously it’s a no brainer.

SIX MONTHS later I am still on my journey, the weight is coming off, I am stronger, and I have endless amounts of energy. Even as a busy working mom, I find time to make myself a priority. I’m stepping OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and sharing this with all of you because I recently decided to become a coach and want to pay this FEELING forward. If I can do this, YOU CAN as well. We all get one shot, and why should you not be living your best LIFE?

I’m looking for 3 women who are ready to make a change – so we can hold each other ACCOUNTABLE! The best part about this opportunity is the accountability and community. The support and help with trial & error has been invaluable. Here is a picture of my progress during my first month committed to the program. I’m putting this out there to show you that YOU CAN DO THIS! 
~~Stay turned for more progress~~ 

My team launches a Fit & Fierce Summer BOOTCAMP July 18th and I want you in it with me! I still have a journey ahead of me and looking forward to sharing it with you.