Design Your Life.

Do it now.

Sari Lisch

I want to throw something out there. I recently booked professional photos last month while on vacation. I have been wanting to do these and had pushed it off way to long. Am I where I want to be with my weight? No. Do I love every picture of me? No. Did I wear something that will hide my not-so-perfect-parts. Yes. It was fun and exhausting (I do have a 2 year old!) but I am grateful that this moment in time was CAPTURED. You never get the TIME back, so if you've been on the fence and are just 'waiting' to be 10 pounds lighter, I beg you to just do it. Summer is a perfect time. I writing this hearing many people say recently ~~ well when I'm abc or when xyz happens, we'll do a family photo. NO!!!! DO IT NOW.