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Sari Lisch

Good morning from rainy New Jersey.
I’m throwing this out there, because JULY is officially over tonight!β˜€οΈ
WHAAAAAAT summer is almost over. πŸ˜•
In one more week I am posting ((((ahhh)))) my 22 Minute Hard Corps latest BEFORE/AFTER pictures.☺️
I have been busting workouts on two vacations and in my apartment all summer.πŸ‹
I’ve been enjoying all the foods summer has to offer – including BBQs.πŸ—
August is TOMORROW! Then comes SEPTEMBER, then OCTOBER, You get my drift.πŸ“†
I thank the Sari, who started in JANUARY 2016. πŸ‘πŸ»
Thank you for deciding to change your path and believe that change was possible.πŸ‘πŸ»
Before you know it will be JANUARY 2017. I can’t wait to SEE Sari then :-)πŸŽ‰
Starting is HARD, and quitting is EASY!
The possibilities in this LIFE are endless.
There will always be SOMETHING though. 
Some reason to say no, to push things off.
I started catching my own excuses and shut that voice down. 
So many of you are on the fence about jumping in and STARTING.
The first person to sign up for ANY Challenge Pack BY TONIGHT, I’m personally shipping you the FixAte Cookbook for FREE πŸ’²
It set me up for SUCCESS with meal prepping & cooking, and I find my challengers LOVE meal ideas.
It’s my FREE GIFT to you –– but really you making the decision to make a change is the GIFT you are giving yourself.πŸŽ€
So JOIN ME and pick a Challenge, and I’m happy to help you figure out which one is right for YOU.
- You’ll get a simple meal plan
- My favorite drink of the day - superfood deliciousness
- Workouts
- Exclusive accountability/challenger group
- Personal coach (me) to help you every step of the way. It’s like having a cheerleader/buddy/friend/idea-person
- AND the FixAte Cookbook
LET’S DO THIS! You have until midnight! PM me!βœ‰οΈ