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Believe in HARD things.

Sari LischComment

I'm on here sharing---and I'm definitely your glass-is-half-full kinda gal, but I've been showing mostly the good and not all the real 'feels'. 

This afternoon hit me like a ton of bricks. For me it's my subconscious that is on survival mode these days, as I have a bit of emotional and personal stuff going on, especially this month. My days are full of laughter, love, and logistics, but days like today I FEEL the void. My subconscious comes to the surface and knows it can let go - what's been bottling up. Sadness creeps in. My little is away and my days don't have the usual structure. His happy-go-lucky attitude isn't greeting me in the mornings and evenings. 

People remark that it must be difficult, my days, what I've gone through, and the weight on my shoulders. For me I know I've already done one of the hardest things I will ever have to live through. A decision I wouldn't want anyone to have to make, but if they had to, I would hope they would follow my lead and EMPOWER themselves to make a safe and strong decision. I changed the course of my life. In a day. Never underestimate that you can make profound emotional choices in your life that will change your destiny forever. 

When I have rough days I think about THAT day and know I have it in me to be strong. Like today. To push through, to go on, to face the next emotional battle. 

I show a lot of my physical challenges here, and for me they are not easy, but I see life differently now, because I know HARD, and I push through. I also know that there is nothing I am not capable of doing. We all have a fire inside of us, and sometimes it is lit and sometimes it is a dull flame. 

You have it in you - the strength, the willpower, the ability to make fires. Believe in yourself. Believe in HARD things.