Design Your Life.


i'm sari, i'll be your coach

I am a single mama to a delicious 3.5 year old, graphic designer, artist, friend, sister, daughter ---> living in New York City. My passion lies in living and helping others lead happy, healthy fulfilling lives.

I started this journey much like how you stumbled across this page today. Looking for a change after saying enough is enough. My son was two years old and I was still walking around with my postpartum weight. My energy levels were horrible and I'd fall asleep most nights while putting him to sleep.

I tried several ways to lose it, but nothing was sticking. A friend who had just lost 10 pounds was leading a 'Challenge Group' and I thought why not? Why not me? I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Fast forward one month - I lost 10 pounds!


I couldn't believe it. After all this time and years of struggling I was certain this was the lifestyle to continue and keep getting healthier day by day. It took a few more months to get to my goal weight, and I have continued to keep it off and continue to get stronger everyday. 

I HAD to pay this opportunity and 'secret' that I felt I had stumbled upon. In July 2016 I started running monthly Challenge Groups to help others, like myself, truly change their lives.