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Grocery shopping.

Sari LischComment

Soaked up my last few hours with this guy this morning 👫
This city mama-boy team doesn't usually include suburban grocery stores🛍
So it was the first time he was in a cart🎉
What a treat for both of us👏🏻

It's easy to stay on point with food while on the go✈️
If you want tips feel free to reach out!💌
Workouts are 💪🏻✔️ just pressing ▶️
Hotel rooms have plenty of towels for 💦
I feel pampered if anything - no laundry this week!🙆

Hope your Sunday is filled with simple pleasures🙂
They are often the moments I miss the most💕

Thought on STUFF.

Sari Lisch

Nope this isn't a sweaty selfie. 💦
I'm cleaning out some storage 💪🏻
In 97 degree weather☀️
I feel lighter already🙆
Salvation Army here I come📦📦📦
I'm doing a lot of thinking while moving boxes.
Pondering the....
✔️Stuff we hold onto.
✔️Stuff that holds us back.
✔️Stuff that we can't find space for in our lives.
✔️Stuff that is in the past.
✔️Stuff that just doesn't make sense.
I feel incredibly BLESSED to be helping my challengers daily. 
It isn't necessarily tangible.
It's not something you can hold in your hands.
It changes your life. 
You can't put it IN A BOX.
At the end of the day you can't take these boxes with you.
That's what I am telling myself today.
While sorting STUFF.

What are you STILL holding onto?
It's freeing and liberating to MOVE forward.
PUSH BACK negative thoughts. 
Get RID of unwanted STUFF you've been holding onto. 

Olympic musings.

Sari Lisch

Laying here watching the Olympics with my little. Got emotional for a moment thinking about how the Winter Olympics 2014 got me through late night feedings.
Two years old, watching together, and he's so excited watching 'swimming' and 'the jumps'.
My heart is full, I will never forget those newborn early mornings with the light of the tv glowing bright in the dark apartment rooting for Team USA. Today I'm explaining to him about goggles and races. What will the next two years look like? 💕
Savoring this moment, teaching him that anything is possible.


Sari Lisch

Last night we had a long drive.
Just me and my guy.
Under the night sky.
The hours seemed to fly.
He was loving his new view.
Forward facing.

Made it a productive ride.
I downloaded a bunch of podcasts (before the ride) 
Listened to inspiring words
Time well spent in the late evening hours to think ahead, about the next few days.

I kept glancing in my rear view mirror to look at this guy......
He's my WHY.
Pushes me to be a strong role model.
Making healthy choices for our family.
To be my best self.
Shows me the beauty in simple things,
Things we all 'know' but forget as adults.

Encourages me to slow down,
To glance at the moon, or a tiny bug in the street.

We're on the go for the next few days,
Making the best of time and squeezing in some adventure.
We got in our workout together and fueled up with some breakfast. He's here with me, but our routine is the same. The rhythm of our mornings and getting in 'dancing or exercise' is all he knows. 
I may be on the road, but I am always here. Checking in on my challengers and making sure they are set up and ready to tackle whatever comes there way.
Sharing my tips and tricks about making YOU a priority, so you can be the best version of yourself.
Always here to listen.