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22 Minute Hard Corps RESULTS

22 Minute Hard Corps Results

22 Minute Hard Corps Results

Holy wow! Honestly when I look at the pictures I took this morning side by side, I am blown away. I DID THIS! ME! All while enjoying summer barbecues, occasional glasses of wine, a London vacation, and just living LIFE. 
The gym(s), personal trainers, random spin classes, running 5Ks & 10Ks, fancy bike races, Weight Watchers (3 separate times) and a NYC swim membership $$$$ DID NOT GET ME THESE RESULTS!
I'm throwing modesty out the window here, because I NEED you to see what is obtainable. I'm just a REGULAR person, showing you that you can get results with consistency. I ATE my excuses, my kiddo is not my excuse – he is my WHY. Not enough money? I traded in my $4.00 a day Starbucks for a powerhouse chocolate drink that gives me an energy boost, eliminated my mama fog, and rid me of migraines. To be honest with you, this feeling is priceless. I do not know where this has been for the past 10 years of my life (and if any of you knew about them ---- I am seriously upset you didn’t tell me!) I’m thankful they found me at the right time.
I'm proud. πŸ’
Proud that I stuck it out for EIGHT weeks. I was consistent with pressing play everyday, sticking with food portions, and guzzling down my powerhouse chocolate drinks. Since January, my confidence, strength, power, health and happiness have made leaps and bounds. I'm telling you this process is not just about workouts + food. 
Guys, I was AFRAID of this program.
It reminded me of Phys Ed and the Presidential Fitness challenge, which are bad memories all around (for me). Give me a shout Applegate peeps!
I first bought this program in April, but after ONE TIME pressing play I said NO. I put it back on the shelf. I took the EASIER route and repeated a program I had already done previously. We all have FEARS and the little voices in our head telling us no, and that we can't do it. My voice would say, "You'll fail, it's to hard, you can't keep up with a military style workout, why commit if you will ultimately fail?"
I looked FEAR straight in the eye and in June I committed and dove right in. I told my coach and fellow coaches that I was committing and to hold me accountable. That is what is INCREDIBLE about this process - YOU ARE NOT ALONE. As the weeks went by I got stronger! I increased my weights and bought a PT Sandbag to use. Shocking even myself, with my capabilities. I slowly stopped having to follow the moderator in the videos. My arms are the most toned they have ever been IN MY LIFE! They have always been something I was self conscious about and I'm blown away that I have the tools to tone and BE STRONG now. 
Oh wait did I mention it's only 22 minutes? In this program you will achieve results pushing yourself HARD for 22 minutes everyday.
My Country Heat challenge group starts AUGUST 15. Wanna dance - GET IN! Can't get yourself motivated to get off the couch, and need a workout that makes you feel like YOU AREN’T WORKING OUT? -- GET IN!
Thirsty for some FRIENDLY COMPETITION and want to start this 22Minute Program? ---ummmm ---- GUYS CAN DO THIS TOO!! The Battle of the Sexes Challenge group starts AUGUST 22. I'm joined up with my team coaches and we have a bit of friendly banter already going! Be in it, to win it! GET IN!
There is something for everyone. The variety of workouts I get to CHOOSE from daily is wonderful for this Sagittarius. AND THIS COACH THING….. I do this, because I want YOU to feel as good as I do. I want to pay this forward to as many people as possible. Proof in the pictures that I showed up everyday. Look what can happen if you just show up! I’m here as a motivator / cheerleader / let’s strategize when you will get 22 minutes into your day / and let’s talk about food prep & organizing – because if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO. I’ve got the tools and answers for you. If you want it badly enough, I’ll help you make it happen.
I'm always here to chat. πŸ’•

Believe in HARD things.

Sari LischComment

I'm on here sharing---and I'm definitely your glass-is-half-full kinda gal, but I've been showing mostly the good and not all the real 'feels'. 

This afternoon hit me like a ton of bricks. For me it's my subconscious that is on survival mode these days, as I have a bit of emotional and personal stuff going on, especially this month. My days are full of laughter, love, and logistics, but days like today I FEEL the void. My subconscious comes to the surface and knows it can let go - what's been bottling up. Sadness creeps in. My little is away and my days don't have the usual structure. His happy-go-lucky attitude isn't greeting me in the mornings and evenings. 

People remark that it must be difficult, my days, what I've gone through, and the weight on my shoulders. For me I know I've already done one of the hardest things I will ever have to live through. A decision I wouldn't want anyone to have to make, but if they had to, I would hope they would follow my lead and EMPOWER themselves to make a safe and strong decision. I changed the course of my life. In a day. Never underestimate that you can make profound emotional choices in your life that will change your destiny forever. 

When I have rough days I think about THAT day and know I have it in me to be strong. Like today. To push through, to go on, to face the next emotional battle. 

I show a lot of my physical challenges here, and for me they are not easy, but I see life differently now, because I know HARD, and I push through. I also know that there is nothing I am not capable of doing. We all have a fire inside of us, and sometimes it is lit and sometimes it is a dull flame. 

You have it in you - the strength, the willpower, the ability to make fires. Believe in yourself. Believe in HARD things.

Country Heat Giveaway

Sari Lisch

Good morning from rainy New Jersey.
I’m throwing this out there, because JULY is officially over tonight!β˜€οΈ
WHAAAAAAT summer is almost over. πŸ˜•
In one more week I am posting ((((ahhh)))) my 22 Minute Hard Corps latest BEFORE/AFTER pictures.☺️
I have been busting workouts on two vacations and in my apartment all summer.πŸ‹
I’ve been enjoying all the foods summer has to offer – including BBQs.πŸ—
August is TOMORROW! Then comes SEPTEMBER, then OCTOBER, You get my drift.πŸ“†
I thank the Sari, who started in JANUARY 2016. πŸ‘πŸ»
Thank you for deciding to change your path and believe that change was possible.πŸ‘πŸ»
Before you know it will be JANUARY 2017. I can’t wait to SEE Sari then :-)πŸŽ‰
Starting is HARD, and quitting is EASY!
The possibilities in this LIFE are endless.
There will always be SOMETHING though. 
Some reason to say no, to push things off.
I started catching my own excuses and shut that voice down. 
So many of you are on the fence about jumping in and STARTING.
The first person to sign up for ANY Challenge Pack BY TONIGHT, I’m personally shipping you the FixAte Cookbook for FREE πŸ’²
It set me up for SUCCESS with meal prepping & cooking, and I find my challengers LOVE meal ideas.
It’s my FREE GIFT to you –– but really you making the decision to make a change is the GIFT you are giving yourself.πŸŽ€
So JOIN ME and pick a Challenge, and I’m happy to help you figure out which one is right for YOU.
- You’ll get a simple meal plan
- My favorite drink of the day - superfood deliciousness
- Workouts
- Exclusive accountability/challenger group
- Personal coach (me) to help you every step of the way. It’s like having a cheerleader/buddy/friend/idea-person
- AND the FixAte Cookbook
LET’S DO THIS! You have until midnight! PM me!βœ‰οΈ

Country Heat launch.

Sari Lisch

Are you someone who doesn’t like traditional workout programs? Are you thinking, "What on earth is Sari doing, and I could never workout voluntarily everyday."
Guess what? Country Heat launches TODAY!
Yes seriously you can, the test group results are amazing. (See in the comments)
After doing 22 Minute Hard Corps for 8 weeks, I cannot wait to jump right into this workout. Loving my burpees, but hating them too! Anyone who wants to change up their routine and try this intense Cardio Dance workout let me know! Hey grab a friend or two while you're at it. 
My exclusive Country Heat Challenge Group launches August 15th, but there is no time like today if you want to start tonight!! It’s a 30 day program and you will get meal prepping ideas, a portion controlled food plan, dense nutrition shakes, and some extra bonus along with the workouts! A few of you are TOTALLY into this and you know who YOU are! So grab your cowboy hat and let's do this! 
Side note: My first concert & country music experience was seeing Reba McEntire at the Cheyenne Frontier Days on a family road trip. Wishing the western gear I purchased then was still around. Thankful I have Amazon prime. Lol. 
I purchased Country Heat T-O-D-A-Y and will be posting videos ASAP! The little guy is going to love movin’ and shakin’ along with his mama.πŸ‘«