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Hidden moments.

Sari Lisch

This morning we took a NYC BUS together for the first time. The little guy said AWESOME when I asked if we should. The M11 to be exact. Trying NEW adventures. They are hidden in your own backyard of YOU look for them. I'm all about keeping the LAID BACK European feeling going for awhile. As LONG as I can. Here are just a few....
Take a new path to work 🚍
Pop into the MOMA on lunch breaks πŸ–Ό
Expect the unexpected πŸŽ‰
Take a new route home πŸš•
Walk through more gardens🌺
Make plans to see someone you have seen in awhile πŸ“…
Mix up food concoctions 🍡
Disconnect as much as possible πŸ“±
Enjoy photography πŸ“·
Eat outside 🌿
Try new coffee shops β˜•οΈ
Embrace the little things ❀️

Make a change.

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Good morning! Worked out as well as unpacked a bit early this morning (jet lag) and musing over some of my purchases. This fascinator is MORE than just a hat to me. Its independence. It's FREEDOM. It represents lighthearted moments that I took for granted in LIFE.
You may have people around you that want to sabotage your SUCCESS, for whatever reason. They don't want you to succeed and you may not FEEL or be allowed to rock your 'fascinator' around them. Whatever your JOYS in life are please PURSUE and explore them. I'm giving you permission to dream BIG. 
Surround yourself with people who bring you UP and not down. LIFE is a journey and you are at the steering wheel. Only you can decide to keep going forward or CHANGE your direction. "The secrets of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates
I am GRATEFUL everyday for changing the direction of my life. I know what it's like to feel like there is no way out and you can't possibly make a change, but YOU CAN. Whether it's fitness, nutrition, career, education, aspirations, relationships, habits, YOU CAN do this! Feed the FIRE that is in your gut that 100% knows what you are CAPABLE of. 
We may go off course, have successes, have challenges, make mistakes, fix mistakes, and are misguided. 
The direction you follow in LIFE is up to you. I'm paying it forward, because I know if I can make CHANGES you can also. I'm definitely revved up after a week away, and am looking for 3 people that want to make strides to make BIG changes. I am willing to give YOU the undivided attention you need right NOW. The lesson I have learned in ALL of this is that there is no DAY like TODAY.


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Greetings from London! πŸ’‚πŸ» Who doesn't come here and say hello to Big Ben? 
I'm all set for the day and have some snacks in tow. I'm grateful for my new habits and for drinks like this that help me stick to my routine and have become a treat. I used to buy $10 fancy juices in NYC or a drink with added protein for $12 ALL THE TIME (it was in the lobby of my office building) thinking I was doing something good for myself. πŸ™† Thank you to friends who first recommended this and for 1/3 the price I am set everyday -- ESPECIALLY here in London, while on the go! 
I used to get debilitating migraines for 2-3 days EVERY MONTH. They would catch me off guard and prevent me from being my best self to the people around me and in my productivity. While Shakeology is not a miracle drug or cure by any means, it does provide me with the dense nutrition that my body so desperately craves and my migraines have been reduced. I've only had 2 migraines since January! SAY WHAT!? Yes after having these for the past 8 years, I cannot believe it either. 
It's the little things that make me so happy so bottoms' up!
Cheers to Shakeology!